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Hands-On Firearm Instruction and Security Training

Triplet's Security Training Academy in Aurora, Illinois, provides comprehensive training for firearms and security training, as well as concealed carry preparation classes for private citizens. We offer class instruction, as well as individual training on the range.

Security Patrol

Security Training

Training for security offices is delivered in our 20-hour basic security training program. You'll learn from former security officers in a small class setting with individual attention. We work with individuals who are pursuing employment in the security field, by teaching you the career requirements needed in the areas of:

• Public Safety Laws • Fire-Extinguisher Handling
• First Aid Certification • Incident Writing Processes
• Fire Response Tactics • Basic Search Procedures

Firearms Training

We share our extensive knowledge of dealing with firearms in a safe and secure environment, with oversight and personalized instruction for security personnel, or anyone seeking to gain knowledge in the proper way to handle, use, and shoot a weapon. We offer classroom sessions and gun range training for complete preparation in the use of revolvers, handguns, and semiautomatic weapons. Most classes are available in small group settings for the purpose of individual attention.

Concealed Carry

We offer the training necessary for certification of concealed carry permits. We teach processes and protocols for applicable state laws for holstered gun handling and procedures, which are required for carrying a concealed weapon. Our professionally trained instructors are well-versed in the law and certification process, and offer individual training in Illinois and Utah, and for the Illinois State Police.

ASP Baton and Handcuff Training

We offer ASP baton and handcuff training in groups of eight or more. This is great training for professionals required to use this equipment in a security role. Our personal training is conducted in small groups that offer demonstration and individual instruction.